You think it,
We build it.

Our mission is to help diminish the challenges of technological innovation in Africa, making it easier for ideas to start, scale and grow.

What We Do?

At Mcfriends, we create high-tech innovative solutions that minimizes the process and cost of doing business; solving the challenges of starting, growing and maximizing business opportunities for millions of people around the world.


Startup Investment

We are looking for ideas that cater for a global problem by people and teams around the world who are willing to do what it takes to bring it to reality to invest in.


Technical Partnership

We partner with firms to create and manage an integrated technical department, saving costs in renumeration and management. We offset your firm the cost of staffing, managing and operation of an IT department.


Software Development

We bring you over 12 years of experience creating mobile, desktop and enterprise softwares for great firms serving millions of customers across the globe to help you grow your ideas into reality.


Website Development

We build and invest in profitable websites. This includes Ecommerce, online marketplaces, social media, blogs and many more.


Web Hosting

We provide cheap and affordable enterprise grade web hosting for startups across Africa and the Middle east with premium SSD devices from multiple datacenters across the world.



We provide telecommunication services and integrations which includes but not limited to BulkSMS, USSD, Voice, Mobile money, Airtime, networking and more.



We have been consulting for companies and startups around the world for years and we have helped to build many popular brands and services through our next-to-non advisory and consulting service.


Research & Development

We carry out researches into the world of computing, artifitial intellegence, finance, science and more, supporting businesses and customers worldwide with unparalleled information, statistics and forecasts.


Marketing & Branding

We identify the ideal market for businesses and startups and have been effectively helping companies and products find their customers, helping to build grat barnds that become household names.

Can't afford the bill but still want the great service?

At Mcfriends, we believe money should be the last reason great plans don't come to live. Take the opportunity and apply for our flexible payment plan now!

What You Get

Every service/sales at Mcfriends comes with all of the following freebies whether you are a startup or an established firm and regardless of your payment plan.

Full Source Code Delivered On Completion

Weekly Project Status Reports

Three (3) Months of Free 24/7 After Sale Support

Free deployment & Training

Why Choose mcfriends.

Everyting makes us stand out from the crowd. From the heart of Africa to the world, we are the best choice for you. Here are a few reasons you shouldn't settle for anyone else:

We can invest in your idea

If you have a beautiful idea ot you are a startup who can't really afford to pay, we have you at heart. We can actually build your idea for free.

Comprehensive Market Research

We research what your competitors are doing and what your customers are expecting Comprehensively. This enables us to deliver the best solution with the best experience.

Free Maintenance

Clients enjoys up to three (3) months of free maintenance after the delivery of projects and startups can enojoy up to limitless maintenance for free.

Daily Status Communication

We communicate the progress off your project to you everyday and keep you informed in real-time.

Free Social Media Promotion

For every job we deliver to our clients, we offer them one free month of social media marketing (only applies to marketing project that exceeds six months).

Delivered to specification

We build exactly to your requirement. We see your vision as bring it to a clearer reality.

What People Say

We have carved a name for ourselves for superior quality and service, as professionals in all our services. Here is what some of our clients think of us:

Want to invest?

If you have the money, you can join us as we invest in hot tech startups and leave the rest of the hassle to us while you smile at the bank.